About me 

Who am I? And what led me to do what I do today?


Like most people who come on this path did I also struggle in life with various larger and smaller problems until I got on the path using SRT and other methods, that I also teach.

As a young boy, my parents and I emigrated to Germany, where I basically spent my entire childhood and school life.  This experience helped me of course in acquiring the linguistic knowledge of the country but also a somewhat different view towards life and the world, which helps me every day.  By the time close to my 16th birthday did I probably make the first major step on my own in life, by sitting on a plane going for an exchange program to the United States and spending a year abroad.

 Spending that year in the states, studying at a local high school was a kick going forward and improved my language skills as well.  Returning back home was not that joyful as things started becoming more complicated.  Family problems and other challenges prompted me to finishing my studies at my German high school and returning back, to the Czech Republic.  My first steps in my home country were to me essentially strange.  It took me quite some time to adapt to local conditions, and to get used to ways of living, that was different from what I have experienced until then.  Personal and family challenges that I met and surpassed at various times complicated my life on the one hand, but on the other hand they helped me a lot in gaining strength and experiences.  

When on one day my father returned from a SRT class and talked about this method with me, I was rather surprised and not able to understand many aspects of this method.  Since my dad spent some time discovering the “spiritual world” and surprised not only me, but himself as well, was I open to all these things but didn´t do a thing in getting involved with this.  Some time later my dad became a Reiki master, where he also gave me an initiation into this method that has also changed me for the better.  I got rid of some skin problems, that were bothering me at that time, and I found bigger inner peace in myself. 

After new years I found the book of Mr. Detzler at hand, and although I was at that time anything else besides a bookworm, I found myself starting to read in his book.  It got me interested more and more, I made my own pendulum and started to learn the use of it according to the instructions.  I had strange feelings on and in my body, sometimes hot, and then cold all of a sudden.  Then I worked my way a little through the procedures and cleared a program, that was rather complicating my life, experiencing something unknown to that point.  Today I know how to explain what happened then, but at that moment I felt rather awkward. It took about 15 minutes where I was laughing and crying at the same time. At times tears were rolling down my cheeks, then a hot sensation was running through my body, to become cold again, it seemed to me like somebody or something took a huge burden off my heart and weight off my back.  After this “phenomenon” stopped did I have a feeling of huge relieve that is really impossible to describe through words.  By thinking back of the situation I could tell that a big change has happened.  I was feeling like a spectator of the entire event, I wasn´t feeling bad by thinking of it, nor sad, it seemed like somebody has erased all memories from your head.  I had a feeling of being a spectator in my own movie.  After this experience I realized that SRT is more than just playing with a pendulum, and if one wishes to do so, he or she is actually able to change his or her live to the better, and it does not matter what happened to them.  

After gaining some experience and knowledge not only from books, but from my own clearings that I have done with others and myself, I could really feel and see the change, and so could my surroundings.  In the beginning I was tending to being skeptical, today I have to totally agree with them.  I participated well prepared on SRT basic class in 2004, and started doing clearings not only to myself but also to others.

Some stories seemed like miracles to me.  I remember the story of a man.  He came up to my father one evening, asking for a treatment.  My father refused, and told him to come the next day, not because that man was homeless, but for him to become sober again.  This man really showed up the next day, sober, clean and prepared for a treatment.  I was doing a SRT session with him for approximately two hours, and by the end he didn´t understand what was happening and what had happened to him.  What followed after this was really interesting.  On the first week after the treatment he stopped drinking. On the second week he stopped seeing all of his cronies and drinking buddies, with which he has spent most of his time. On the third he found a job, on the fourth he found a roof over his head in an apartment, on the fifth week after the clearing he found a girlfriend, and with her coming back to us, not only to see us again, but to gratefully say thank you.  

Another very interesting and touching experience happened to me using Spiritual Restructuring (SpR).  One student came to me with a request that her daughter has an extensive scoliosis of the spine, and that her doctors had given up on her.  We agreed on sessions, where it was necessary to do several corrections.  In the end it took two one on one sessions and three long distance sessions.  When I saw her for our second one on one session I was delighted and happy to see what I was very surprised about at that time.  That little ten-year old girl was no longer walking awry, but with an upright back.  I allow myself to say, that her parents and her were happy about this, and me as well.  

These stories touched me the most, and I could give many more examples, but for that I would have to fill up several more pages.   

 Today I know that I shall work with this method, because I received guidance from the very beginning when that book of Robert Detzler ended up laying in front of me.  I participated in the advanced class in the year 2005 a started to work with this method even more.  In the year of 2006 I took the SRT Intensive Skills class in Prague, where I met Mary Ann Detzler and Marianne Blaha.  Shortly after I became a certified consultant following the teacher certification in 2008, that I was given by the Spiritual Response Association.  I also took the Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) class in 2008 and the repetition of this class with Marianne Blaha in Germany to become also certified as a teacher.  Successfully I was given the certificate in 2009.

 In May of 2009 I also participated in another SRT Intensive Skills Class in the Netherlands to prolong my certification for two more years, and met another teacher from the SRA, gaining all new information and skills to SRT.  Thanks to all this, the guidance from above and my language skills would I love to give all of these information and skills to my students, so that they can spread this good in their lives and that of others as well. 


I am thankful that I got to meet all these methods and also for all success that I was blessed with in my personal life and the lives of other people, that I was allowed to help.


For further inquiries and information you may contact me at any time by email or on the phone. 


I wish you a wonderful, joyful and enlightened way on your journey,




Lukas Putz