About Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) 

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is unlike other used methods of alternative healing.  Its foundation is a connection to High Self (Spirit), which is presented by a commitee of beings with a higher level of consciousness.  Their help and guidance makes it possible to research and eliminate subconscious mind and soul records to quickly find and release the discordant, limiting ideas and replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs.  Our soul has all information about its experiences stored in so called Akashic records.  With the assistance of our High Self is it possible to observe all negative a destructive energies and programs of our soul in order to transform them into positive energies and beliefs.  Our soul gathers during this process new experiences, which enables its faster spiritual growth.  Negative energies and blocks, that we usually aren´t consciously even aware of, complicating our everyday live, are released and cleared.  The origin of these negative energies can come from this, past, parallel or future lives.  From the point of view of our soul is time being perceived and felt in a totally different way.  By clearing negative energies and programs having the soul relieved of them, results in the relieve of problems of the physical body as well, where it then can regain and restore its strength and regenerate quicklier to face successfully different diseases and illnesses on all levels.

Spiritual Response Therapy makes use of your muscle responses to bypass your conscious mind and negative programming to connect with subconscious and your guidance within. A pendulum is used as a movement amplifier and pointer as you communicate with your Higher Self using a special set of charts. You can replace old programs with positive energy and inner peace. The result of this work has assisted thousands of people to live clearer, more joyful lives.

The work with High Self involves the usage of a pendulum, that is used in order to find specific answers in a set of charts, where most problems and difficulties are displayed. 

A healing session for a client is a comfortable and easy, it is not necessary to do any exercises or difficult trainings.  The only thing required by a client is his conscious awareness of working on his/her own problem.   With the clearing of negative energies and emotions a number of clients feel different sensations and have different inner feelings, for example warmth in the chest area, chilly cold sensations and others.  These signs are normal and come with the relieve of blocked energies and emotions, that the client has held in his system.  During a consultation many clients realize why many of their problems occurred.  It is a motivation for something new, positive thinking and a new view for oneself... That is one of many aspects that are necessary in order to see new things to show up and seeing old things disappear.

The advantage of SRT is, that the work with High Self is fast and many clients have a great feeling of relieve afterwards.  One consultation with a client takes about 1 - 2 hours.  The number of consultations, necessary for a complete clearing, depends  on the difficulty of the problem that is being worked on.  In most cases however one or two sessions are sufficient number.

Every human being is a unique being that is gifted with free will.  That means, that each and every single one is making decisions in their live for themselves.  When one admits their problems and difficulties and chooses to live a life in stress, disease and discomfort, or if we choose to face and work on them, is just up to us.  We always have the right to choose.  When we make the decision to work and solve our problems and to take responsibility for our own life, then SRT can be a useful and helpful method.  The reward for this effort will be a feeling of freedom, comfort and joy of life.

What can you clear by using SRT?

  • Blocks and discordant energies, originated from traumatic experiences, conflicts and stress situations.
  • Problems with studying, concentration, stress in school and other particular subjects.
  • Fatigue, insomnia, lack of energy, feelings of loneliness, uncertainty or fear
  • Anxiety, phobia and depression.
  • Stammering caused by traumatic experiences.
  • Most allergies for example food allergies, hay fever, asthma and others.
  • Long lasting pain which can´t be clarified by doctors.
  • Some skin problems
  • Bedwetting, Enuresis
  • Problems related to family, colleagues or partnership by clearing mutual blocking energies, dependence, vows.
  • Outstanding problems and traumatic experiences from past lives that block our development in present live interacting and causing illnesses and disease. 
  • Testing which nutrients, minerals and vitamins our body lacks, and of which sources they should be acquired. 
  • Blocked, sealed and inappropriate working chakras.
  • Extra souls, multiple souls, spiritual parasites and other entities.
  • Zones with negative energy at your home or workplace.
  • Spiritual healing of internal organs by influencing them with positive vibrations and energy, where the body then can faster regenerate and improve most illnesses.
  • Inability to live ones live fully and finding one owns place.

This method is no:

  • Compensation for regular medical treatment
  • Folklore healing
  • Propagation of religion or ideologie

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) can clear past lives and negative energies that are keeping you from attaining your highest expression! Once identified, these blocks and negative energies can be cleared from the subconscious, soul (Akashic) records, allowing you to heal yourself on all levels. SRT was developed by Robert E. Detzler, and has been used by thousands of students since 1988.

About Spiritual Response Therapy Classes

During the three day Basic Spiritual Response Therapy class, you will have expert supervision while you learn to communicate with your High Self to clear your own Akashic (soul) records and subconscious or negative programs and beliefs.

You will also learn how to:

Identify your soul mates

Understand soul programs

Clear past life energies

Break cycles of disharmony

Harmonize relationships

Release subconscious blocks

Empower yourself for higher purpose

Help friends and family

You will explore methods to identify and release negative energies, which may have arisen from a past life. You will learn to use a pendulum and research charts to clear yourself and your family and friends of fears, traumas, conflicts, self-punishment, and to obtain inner direction.

About using Spiritual Response Therapy for others

Basic class is designed to make students understand the work with SRT and the work for oneself.  In basic class not all information and steps are handed out, that are necessary to do a complete clearing with SRT for yourself and others (these materials are presented in the advanced class of SRT).

Your certified teach will maybe show you the process of a complete clearing, to show you the abilities and skills that come with the advanced class.  If you are interested and wish to become a SRT practitioner, then you should definitely attend the advanced class of SRT, where you will be taught the entire process of clearing.

Basic class is designed for students to attain knowledge and experience with the work of a pendulum and the method SRT, in advanced class you will then learn the entire system including a complete clearing on a high level for clients.

Advanced and Review classes are available for those who have completed the Basic training class.

Expertise through experience and practice

The use of charts (copywritten by Robert E. Detzler) and a pendulum, for a connection with higher source and a complete research are one of the goals of class.  As with all other skills, that we have to learn, comes with SRT the same aspect, that we need to practice the conscious connection with High Self, that will bring and improvement of quality to our work.