Spiritual Restructuring 

Spritual Restructuring is a method that was also developed by Robert E. Detzler.  Here, as well as with SRT do we work with the connection to our High Self and our pendulum to work on the challenges of the physical body.  The main aim of this method is to eliminate pain and imbalance on the physical level.  This method is a summary of spiritual healing of negative energies, programs and working with so called psychic wounds and the physical body.  The work on the physical body  is presented by a simple painless correction of muscles that are either to tense or conversly relaxed causing pain in numerous regions of our physical body such as the back and all kinds of joints.

One of the basic elements are psychic wounds, that cannot be yet measured by technologies and devices available today.  These are situations experienced in this or other lifetimes that were extremely traumatic for us at a given time.  Usually we were hurt by a close or loved person, and created a number of negative thoughts and emotions that remained suppressed.  Without their cleanup and removal is a correction of the body with numerous methods only temporary.  A part of Spiritual Restructuring is not a violent correction of the physical body by twisting or pulling...All corrections are simple and painless being done by slight tapping, touching or even without touching.  It is also possible to do a long distance session where the client is not physically present.

What can be treated with Spiritual Restructuring

Pain in the cervical, thoracal and lumbar spine.

- Discomfort in the back and shoulder blade area.

- Stiffend and painful muscles.

- Jointproblems.

- Chronic sinus problems.

- Headaches and Migraine.

- TMJ pain.

- Eye fatigue.

- Recurring unexplained pain and discomfort.

- In many cases can corrections of the muscles improve walking problems.

- Scoliosis of the spine.

- Other problems with joints, muscless and also with organs, glands and breathing.

From my own experience I warmly recommend this method to masseurs, masseuses and therapist who deal and work with the physical body and its problems.

In many cases did I find out that their work on the bodies of clients is simpliefied by not having to work and massaging hard like they would "knead dough of bread".  Much faster and almost effortless do they get into a greater depth then with a regular massage, which is certainly beneficial for the client and the therapist.  They don´t have to put so much energy and bodily strength into their work.

Experience with Spiritual Restructuring

Like everyone am I also a person that first needs to "touch" what I was taught, to make sure that it really works.  So I asked my guidance to send me some"body" to work on, and I got an answer pretty quick.  A client had a little daughter that had an extense scoliosis of the back, was therefore walking awry and holding her body in the same way.  First I thought that my guidance was kidding, thinking for myself that this is quite a hard nut to crack for my first attempt.  After two applications directly on the physical body, with her being present, and three long distance sessions, was this 10 year old girl walking straight again like everyone else, which was obviously a heartwarming and wonderful experience for me. Not only was I able to fascilitate help to such a young person but had a steel hard proof that it really works. 

Since my first attempt was very convincing, do I prefer to be convinced at least a couple of times, just to make sure.  A friend of mine, a masseuse, came to me for a therapy, struggeling with physical and emotional difficulties.  Beautiful was the fact, that she was at her doctors approximately one month prior to this therapy, meassuring 164cm body height.  She also told me that she used to messure a hight of 169cm.  Due to the hard work of a masseuse, that is quite physically demanding, not only to men, even more to women, she had a hump on her back and pain in different body areas, especially around the back.  The next day she send me a text saying thank you messuring almost the original height, now being 168.5 cm.

I could mention many other examples but I would most likely fill up a couple more pages.

Spiritual Restructuring is available for students that attended at least the basic SRT class.  Negative blocks, programs and discordant energies have to be first cleared using SRT and afterwards follows the work on the physical body.  Spiritual Restructuring is a dynamic, expanding system that is specifically designed to include emotional and physical aspects.

I recommend this class to masseurs and therapist that work with the physical body.  This method is profound and unique that it  accomplishes the releasing of problems that do not return afterwards.

With the use of Spiritual Restructuring you are enabled to deal with a large scale of physical problems.  Obviously is this not a substitute for regular medical treatment.  This system is fantastic for releasing and healing of chronical problems of the back, muscles, joints and others.

Content of the Spiritual Restructuring - SpR - class

1. release of mental  and emotional blocks.

2. releasing of muscle imbalances that cause spinal, joint, rib problems etc.

3. compensation for differents lengths of legs caused by stressed and tense muscles.

4. correction of the jaw, cloacal cavities, eyes, ears,

5. cleaning of the lymphatic system.

6. harmonization and correction of inner organs and glands.

7. working and releasing with discordant energies.

This system contains over 50 corrections of the physical body.

The class is being taught by a certified SRT and SpR teacher.  After this class you will be given a certificate.


Information about class:

- The length of this class is 6 days (usually split on two weekends)

- Class fee is 600€ (Dhs 3200 for UAE)


Recommendation for class:

- SRT Basic class

- From my own experience however, I must say that it is better to complete Basic and Advanced SRT class prior to this class.

For all other students 9 days.  They must first learn to eliminate negative energy programs using SRT Basic techniques, so that any correction and the releasing on the physical level will be of a permanent charakter.

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I am able to give class anywhere if the organizer is able to have 8 or more attendees for class