Spiritual Response Therapy – Advanced class 

It is the continuation of basic class, where you will learn a deeper work with SRT.  There are new charts introduced, that will improve your knowledge and abilities.  You will learn the energetic work with glands and organs and their energetic healing and harmonization. Another technique given in the advanced class is the so called brain restructuring, which helps to find and erase negative beliefs of the mind and soul, and helps to free yourself off brain dysfunction such as problems with speech, calculating and others.

Goals of SRT - advanced class

  • Repeating the basic steps in past live research.
  • Repeating of how to stay clear for oneself and our guidance.
  • Repeating of the comprehensive understanding of how to give a healing session using SRT.
  • Research and clearing of programs with advanced charts.
  • Learn to do a clearing for yourself and others
  • Learn to work with mind energies to prevent new programs to be created
  • Repeating of ethics and standards for working with others.
  • Introduction of the entire set of charts that SRT is using, including the advanced charts.
  • Learn to clear advanced spiritual programs.
  • Clearing and training of brain restructuring.
  • Introduction of spiritual healing of organs and glands.

Information about class

The length of class is 3 days, usually taking place on weekends

You will have the option to buy additional pendulums for 12 - 15 €

Class fee is 375 € (Dhs 2095 for United Arab Emirates)

Recommendation for class: SRT basic class

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I am able to give class anywhere if the organizer is able to have 8 or more attendees for class