Spiritual Response Therapy and Health 

Working with Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring I came to understand, that the reason for many illnesses and disease comes also from inconvenient ways of eating and nourishing. 


In our accelerated and speed up time, where there is little time and a great amount of stress, a healthy way of eating most of the time is set in second, rather than in first place.  We prefer to “munch up” something warm to fill up our stomach, just to have a feeling of saturation.  Very often do we combine different types of foods that stress our digestion, instead of nourishing and interacting with it in a harmonic way. 


For this reason and with the assistance of SRT and new charts have I decided to set up this class. With new charts about different types of foods you will now be able to research what types of foods are good for us at a given time. In order to either regain health or staying healthy by all means.   


For what purpose is this seminar designed?


There are many reasons for disease in our lives.  Many of them can be cleared by using SRT and adjusted on a physical level with SpR, nevertheless do we decide for ourselves “what we put in our mouths”.  Are you having health issues that are repeatedly arising, and do they seem to be never ending, then the cause is not to be looked for in the spiritual realms of our being, but in the physical instead.  Foods that are easily available these days can tremendously improve your diet.  In this seminar you will learn how to properly combine foods and of course you will be given a practical guidance on how to utilize them in your everyday live.


What will you learn?


In this class you will learn further understanding of the functioning of our physical body, including its vital functions and a proper combination of different kinds of food.  You will be given a workbook with explanations to vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and where you can find a good amount of all these vital substances.  Moreover will you get sophisticated materials that can make the testing of different foods for your everyday live very easy, in order to improve your health step by step.  On top of all this you will learn something about healthy and “good cooking”.  Vegetarian cuisine, if combined well, is a great way to give our organism the time and strength that it needs to regenerate from common foods and the special ones that are rich in meats and proteins.  A great amount of people would like to know how to cook vegetarian, but most of them don´t know how, because this type of cooking has not gained a fair amount of extend in our society for numerous reasons.  Even in many restaurants it happens that you find a menu offering vegetarian or meat-less meals like noodles with cheese and ham, or salami.  Many people don´t consider salami and ham being meat. 


This seminar is designed to understand the functioning of our body, including all vitamins, minerals, their functions, as well as practical use of utilizing these information for cooking and preparing of foods in our everyday lives. 


Information about class:


  • The length of class is 3 days, usually taking place on weekends
  • Class fee is 320 € (Dhs 1600 for United Arab Emirates)


Recommendations for class:

  • SRT advanced class


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