Spiritual Response Therapy – Basic class 

In this class you will learn how to work with high self, with which you will then be able to clear and despatch various emotional, mental, spiritual and physical problems and difficulties of your life.  You will learn how to work with a set of 15 Charts in basic class, helping you to obtain necessary information in order to understand different aspects, reasons and connections that show up in your life.  Also you will learn not only how to identify them, but how to erase and replace them with positive energies.

Working with SRT there is no necessity in having and previous knowledge from other methods, special abilities or skills.  After the participation in class you will be able to help yourself.  You will be given a set of 15 charts, a workbook and other materials enabling you to work with SRT.  You will also be given the chance to buy additional pendulums for the work with SRT and also books by the author of this method, Robert E. Detzler.

Goals of SRT basic class:

  • Learn the basic principles of spiritual healing
  • Learn to make a conscious connection with your spiritual guidance (high self) while working with the pendulum.
  • Understanding principles of personal energy levels.  As spiritual/energetic beings that are ONE with SPIRIT and all manifestations of SPIRIT, is it important to be consciously aware of ourselves so that we are able to work on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies to heal ourselves and connect with others.
  • Learn how to clear thirteen basic programs, including the routine of researching past/other lives for oneself. 
  • Learn to identify blocks that arise while working with High Self/Spirit, how to clear them and to stay clear.
  • Learn to identify negative energies and programs with the assistance of the basic charts (part of the official set of SRT - Charts)
  • Learn some information about soul family and how to keep them clear.
  • Understanding of basic ethics and standard of conduct, and how to work with them for others (the entire training is object to SRT advanced class).
  • Learn to work with past lives in other dimensions
  • Learn to work with blocks from past lives and this lifetime. 
  • Learn to clear yourself off negative programs, blocks and energies.
  • Learn to clear discarnates, earthbound souls and other entities.

Information about class

The length of class is 3 days, usually taking place on weekends

You will have the option to buy additional pendulums for 12 - 15 €

Class fee is 375 € (Dhs 2095 for United Arab Emirates)

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I am able to give class anywhere if the organizer is able to have 8 or more attendees for class