Spiritual Response Review 

It does happen that some students have their difficulties in utilizing all information given in class in their everyday live, and for this very reason has this class been designed.  You will get a practical input on how to use all possibilities of SRT for your daily living for your day in, day out basis. 

In this seminar all procedures of SRT will be explained, including all charts and the repeating of knowledge based information from basic and advanced class.  You will be acquainted with newest techniques and procedures.

Also will you be going through chart 3 and other charts in detail.  You will learn practical steps of SRT for every day and further intensifying of how to avoid new programs that can be created in our present live.  You will learn how to identify blocks in your live with practical steps how to free yourself off of them and far more how to clear all possible aspects of health, happiness, abundance, partnership, prosperity and other in our live.

You will have the chance to understand the clearing of blocks and programs in practical, easy to use ways.  We will be going into a deeper level understanding the functions of our body, and how to release all negative dysfunctional aspects with the help of SRT, including steps that have to be done in live, in order to see changes happening.

What will you get?

You will get the most updated information including a workbook, other detailed information about expanded materials and above all a deeper understanding for the whole system and its practical use.

Information about class

The length of class is 2 days, usually taking place on weekends

Class fee is 220 € (Dhs 1200 for United Arab Emirates)

Recommendation for class: SRT basic and advanced class

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I am able to give class anywhere if the organizer is able to have 8 or more attendees for class