SRT Healing sessions 

Healing sessions with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) or Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) can take place in a one on one session with a therapist or long distance via telephone or skype.  In case it is not suitable for you to visit me for a personal session, we can arange a long distance session.  Healing of disease and health issues is always a complex matter that has to be treated individually.  It is always best if a person accepts his or her own responsibility for health.  If that is the case then a healing session is even more effective.

What can be treated using SRT and SpR?

- bodily diseases and issues of joints, body alignment and others

- psychological disease and problems

- Issues in relationships (partners, collegue etc.)

- Pregnancy issues / Conception problems

- Hearingproblems

- Sightproblems

- Treating of depressions

- Problems with prosperity and success

- Clearing and removal of souls of people that passed away

- Energetic clearing of rooms and spaces (houses, cars, companies etc.)

- Clearing of problems with studying (especially for kids, lowering of hyperaktivity, harmonization of so called Indigo-children)

- Treatments of different health issues of pets, animals and problems in the plant kingdom


Spiritual Response Therapy is not limited to time and space, for that reason it is possible to have a long distance session with a practitioner over the telephone or over the cost efficient onlinecalling program skype or similar programs.

You can also arrange a consultation with me personally in my home town Prague (CZ), or when available also in Dubai (UAE).  If this does not suit you then we can come up with a solution over the telephone or via Skype.

The price for a long distance session varies in regards to the length and complexity of a treatment, in avarage it ranges around €90 (EUR) / $120 (USD) per hour.  A personal session in Dubai is charged with a fee of Dhs 500per hour depending on the location. The payment for a session can be done either via wire transfer to my bank account or through PayPal where you are able to pay with your credit card.  A session takes in average 1 - 1.5 hours.

You can contact me in the following ways:

Telephon: (country code) 00420 (cell phone number) 777 556 522

UAE numbre 00971 (0) 50 143 5003


Skype: spiritualresponse

I am looking forward to hearing from you to assist you in your matter at my best possible ways.