Testimonial and Articles on SRT 

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as time moves on, I received many insightful comments and feedback from students and clients alike.  I would like to share a few recent one´s here on this webpage.  Feel free to check them out yourself to get inspired and receive first hand information about SRT and the way I present this beautiful modality to people and students alike.

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Articles of dear students on their SRT experience


Another article on SRT very nicely written by Sarah Bladen

Soul Power and Spiritual Response Therapy


Testimonials from students on their experience on the SRT workshops:

Spiritual Response Therapy Basic

Moira Speed – basic class 3-5.1.2014 Dubai

The Class:

This domain deals with addressing and clearance of issue or blocks which affect our physical and spiritual lives. We all have blocks or issues which affect our thoughts and actions; without  knowledge of how to clear these blocks, we carry on repeating problems without really understanding that we can remove or release them.

The SRT class gives students an understanding of the spiritual hierarchy, and with it, the kind of blocks and problems which we have encountered through various lifetimes. Through this method, we were shown how to define and release these blocks and issues. The course covers different areas of life, including health and nutrition, negative and positive causes of issues, and how to protect ourselves from negative energies.

The class was very lively and interactive over the two and a half days.

From a personal perspective, I slept better than I had done for a long time previously, and almost immediately had more energy and positivity. A major problem in the recent past seemed to melt way, and although still in the memory, ceased to be a problem anymore. My diet changed almost instantly, to one with far less chocolate and far more nutrients. My outlook on life seems to be altogether more positive, with subtle changes occurring almost immediately.

 The Teacher:

Lukas is a very positive, approachable, affable, dynamic teacher, who lives by the example of his teaching and life experience. I found him very easy to talk to and have discussions with. Questions were answered and discussed honestly and openly. I thoroughly enjoyed being  a part of this group, and look forward to more of the same life-changing learning in the advanced class.


Layal Abi Ghanem - basic class 3-5.1.2014 Dubai

 This is my testimonial:

" I had the privilege of completing the Basic SRT course with Lukas at Illuminations, Dubai.

The experience has been uplifting, revitalizing and restoring. During the 3-day workshop, we learned the basic principles and practiced applying those principles to self clearing, using the SRT tools and the amazing pendulum - that everyone in the course fell in love with- 

The course was truly a life changing event...

Thank you Lukas for sharing your knowledge and experience with love. Certainly your compassion and non-judgmental attitudes are an inspiration. 

Looking forward for the advanced course.

God Bless you!

Layal "

 Nada A. - basic class 3-5.1.2014 Dubai

 "I was delighted to find out about Illuminations through a Facebook competition that a friend has shared with me. Even more so since the well-being center is located only a few minutes from where I live. The two and a half-day course added a great wealth of knowledge about a new form of spiritual healing that I wasn't even aware of. The spiritual response therapy course is a shortcut to meditation and its results can be achieved almost immediately. In today's fast-paced and modern lifestyle, SRT can give you fast and effective results in no time. The healing and clearing process takes place during the days of the course, even with beginners who have no previous experience with meditation or spiritual healing practices.

I was surprised yet pleased to find myself getting intense dreams at night after practicing the methods of SRT throughout the day of the course. Those dreams were directly related to the topics that I wished to resolve with my SRT practice. On the last day of the course, a friend from my building who saw me as I was heading out to the center greatly complimented me on how my face looked glowing. She could see a radical change in my complexion to the better. My emotional well-being has also drastically improved after only two days of taking the course. I found myself getting things done in a timely manner and was feeling more positive and upbeat overall.

Lastly, the course allowed me to meet great new people and make new friends including the instructor. It's always lovely to meet a group of people who share your interests and life experiences, and possibly tribulations and struggles. My weekend spent taking the basic SRT course was one of the best weekends that I have had in Dubai. It's one that I will always remember. I honestly look forward to the next workshop with Lukas Putz and to sharing lunch and good times in my area with a genuine and interesting group of people."